Our Goal Is To Make Your Dreams A Reality

We listen to you. We then use our expertise to create the architectural design that will bring your dream space to life.

Who We Are

We are a full-service architectural firm whose goal is to provide exceptional design value to our clients by listening and understanding their needs. By listening, we can apply our design skills and deep understanding of the science of building to deliver personalized service and architecture which is beautiful and delightful.

Smithcraft Architecture (Originally Anyone Architecture & Design) has a strong ethic of team building. We feel that early team formation where all members participate in the design process will lead to a more inclusive design and better architecture. Our goal is to make the design process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for both our team and our clients.

Smithcraft Architecture would like to see architecture that balances the individual dreams and distinctiveness of each client, with the need to be a good neighbor. Exceptional design finds this balance, and this is what we strive for at Anyone. 

We want to promote an architecture of exceptional design quality and economic affordability.

We Value
  • Listening
  • Thorough client service
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Collaborative design
  • Lifecycle Design
  • Environmentally Conscious Design
We Believe
  • Design is a 24-hour experience and you should be equally inspired by the place where you work as by the place where you live
  • Quality Design should be available to everyone
  • Teamwork leads to better design
  • Architecture should be distinct but part of the place it inhabits


Peter Smith

Peter Smith
Architect, AIBC Principal

Peter’s 30+ years of design and technical experience has covered many commercial, residential, educational, infrastructure and mixed-use projects of varying scales both in the Canada and the U.S.

His education includes degrees in both building science and Master of Architecture. Peter has worked in many notable architecture firms in both Vancouver and the USA before establishing his own firm in 2014 in Vancouver. Peter is a strong believer in teamwork and communication between all project team members, ensuring that projects meet the needs and objectives of his clients and other project stakeholders.

Alexis Smith
Intern Architect, AIBC Associate

Alexis’ 25+ years of design and technical experience has covered many commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects in Canada.

Her education includes degrees in both industrial design and Master of Architecture. Alexis has been a valuable contributor to Smithcraft Architecture who has been with us even back when we were still Anyone Architecture + Design. Alexis’ strong design sense and organizational skills have been key to keeping projects on schedule and focused. Alexis is also a strong believer in teamwork and excels at client communications.